The Streets FE name changer


credit to Slurms on Vrm

Original Post :

local nt = [[
    the name u want here
local lp = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local xd = {
Name = "0",
TextLabel = {
Text = string.rep("\n", 100 - nt:len()) .. nt
for i, v in pairs(lp.Character:GetChildren()) do
if v.ClassName == "Model" and v:FindFirstChild("f") and v:FindFirstChild("Head") then
v.Head.Transparency = 0
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack.Stank:FireServer("pick", xd)

⚠️ Warning: Do not download any extensions or anything other than .txt/.lua file, because script will download only in .txt/.lua format or It will redirect you to a pastebin link.

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