Blade Ball Script | NEW OP SCRIPT

Created by fixat82136



(+) Walk Speed Changer (+) Camera Noclip (+) Unlock Camera (+) Enable Reset (+) Map To Vote (+) Auto Vote (+) Crate To Open (+) Auto Open Crate (+) Auto Parry (+) Distance Slider (+) Spam Parry (+) Disable Dead Restriction (+) Equip Ability (+) Auto Equip Ability (+) Dash No Cooldown (+) Super Jump No Cooldown (+) Thunder Dash No Cooldown (+) Shadow Step No Cooldown (+) Telekinesis Infinite Range (+) Use Telekinesis (Lobby) (+) Break Ball (+) Reset Cooldown


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⚠️ Warning: Do not download any extensions or anything other than .txt/.lua file, because script will download only in .txt/.lua format or It will redirect you to a pastebin link.

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